Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Getting your hairs cut... In style?

How do you choose a hairstylist? How do you choose a hair style? How can you figure out what shape face you have??? (This is a serious mystery to me.) Bangs? No bangs? Layers? Lob? Bob? Pixie? Let it go naturally curly? Curse it when it gets humid? Oh my. I don't think I'm alone in agonizing over hair decisions... and I Do. I came across an article that recommended requesting a consultation... So I did. And, armed with a handful of Pinterest pins and the below photos that show the many "faces" of Mary's hair... I consulted. And I booked. And yes, this Saturday at 3:30... I'll have a go at it. Or rather, the stylist will. And yes. This post is a cliffhanger... :) 

I'll post an "after photo" at the bottom of this post after Saturday! 
(Thanks for putting up with varying levels of quality of photos... they're from many different years!)

And because somewhere in my past, someone convinced me that I couldn't just let my hair "air dry"... Here's proof that it's doable (on a non-humid day!):

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