Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Family Memories and the Season of Christmas

As Advent draws to a close and Christmas is nearly here, I must admit that the season sparks in me thoughts and memories of places, people and events of times gone by... Part of the beauty of these memories is getting to orchestrate memories for our own little family, too. I've been struck with how much parents are able to tell their own stories as a family. We can skip over the burnt dinners, the last minute trips for forgotten grocery ingredients, the returning home due to the (possible) curling iron being left on, and even the tough conversations with family, etc. We can all lean into the wonderful moments... The moments that build our family culture and tell our stories. I love that children have a way of doing this without much effort. I simply don't remember any stress around Christmas... and I'm positive there was at least some!

So, here are a few stories that I love...

Christmas in New York was always a favorite. Grandma Ginger always offered to let me sleep with curlers in my hair... making the morning photos more than fantastic!
I enjoyed van rides to see Christmas lights, often with Grandpa and Grandma Seale, listening to Prairie Home Companion and (I'm sure) licking candy canes and relishing in having sisters home and the beautiful lights.
The unbelievably wonderful Christmas when I walked down the basement stairs on Woodwater Drive to a brand new art easel. But more importantly, Santa left a note on it! Serious delight. 
Turning all the lights off each evening after dinner to pray our Advent prayers around the table with the Advent wreath, chanting "Come, Lord, come to save us!" And then, having the whole family lean back into their chairs and attempt (asthma and all!) to blow out all the candles without leaning forward.
Wishing all of you moments of peace, hope and joy as we celebrate Jesus coming to save each of us. What a wonder. Joy!

And yes. Sometimes memories include you in antlers. And that? That's just fun for everyone... (I think even me!)


  1. The lighting is off, but that last one captures me in my elf hat. Yes, we had fun. Merry Christmas one and all. Jesus is here.

  2. I love all of your family pictures! You can just see the joy radiating from all of your faces! I think my fave story of yours was that you got to have your hair curly for Christmas morning. What a special thing for a little girl! (I always loved getting to do that too! :) I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season!!!! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones