Friday, November 20, 2015

Take 175

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I finally did it! I picked a company, designed, ordered and received our first family photo album! We had discussed doing this a while back... and both agreed that we wanted to prioritize it. So, I finally got around to it. We got married in 2012, so I may order a couple of back-dated ones, but 2014 is complete and in the house! Hooray!
 --- 2 ---
George, Rowan and I are trying to take advantage of the zoo as much as possible before it essentially closes for the winter... This Sunday, I delighted in the fact that George finds all things wonderful. In fact, scurrying chipmunks are even more wonderful than sleeping lions. 
--- 3 ---
I got fed up. The silverware drawer just hasn't worked well since we got married. So, I emptied the drawer to figure out if maybe I could squeak a little space here or reorganize a little bit there... Only to find a brand new (in the box!) pampered chef knife! Voila! an extra 3" of space in the drawer... and now we have a brand new knife! 
 (I am positive this knife was a part of a gift from my Dad's lovely sisters... Mary Ann, Peggy and Marcella... THANK YOU!) 
--- 4 ---
We have harvested our season's rosemary crop... and I'm quite impressed with the amount! Feel free to share your favorite rosemary recipes with me... I'm shocked by how little I actually use rosemary. In bread is my favorite way!
--- 5 ---
So, I would say that I'm the "social media" one of the family. And yes, sometimes I'm embarrassed by it. I definitely relate to the analogies of drug-like dependence on checking my phone... And yes, I'm embarrassed by it. 

So, that will help you understand why when my husband said he Tweeted something... I just couldn't. stop. laughing. Because... I never have!

--- 6 ---
I've been enjoying my drive-home-from-work-NPR as of late and this week I particularly enjoyed an interview with Grant and Jen of Just Eat It. I'm looking forward to seeing this documentary. I will admit, our household hardly ever throws away any food... But, I did like their idea of a "Eat me first" bin for the fridge.
--- 7 ---
I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving--we'll be skipping our Quick Takes next week. Take some time to reflect on gratitude and all the gifts the Lord has given us... I've already begun doing so... and boy! We are certainly blessed beyond measure. Thank you, Lord! (Of course, if you miss me next Friday, you can always click here...) hehe.

Happy Friday!

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