Friday, November 13, 2015

Take 174

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
This week's 7 Quick Takes are dedicated to my daughter Rowan, who slept EIGHT HOURS in a ROW last night. Sweetheart, You. Da. Best.
 --- 2 ---
I just HAVE to share this video with you... Not only is it very sweet, it is also proof that we're reading to our children and they're learning... Now I just need to work on being more exciting, because based on his impression of us... we have to step-up our "voices" game. :)
--- 3 ---
This past weekend was the People of Praise Women's Retreat. We don't always go out of town for our retreats, so this year was particularly special. It was on Lake Wawasee, and the weather was especially beautiful, showing off God's awesome creation. The topic of the retreat was joy, and I was very blessed by it. Still thinking and praying lots about how to capture and perpetuate joy in our little family on a daily basis!
--- 4 ---
October 31st was the last day of the train running at our Potawatomi Zoo. I was that mother who decided that YES, I did want to take our family to the zoo basically only to ride the train. When it was 40 degrees. And raining. Hahaha. I felt like a crazy woman. But, it was a clear desire of mine, so we went. 

And the best part? George was so overwhelmed and overstimulated by the experience that he never even smiled! I'm sure he enjoyed himself, but he was soaking it all in too much. 

I will say that going to the indoor exhibit of the monkeys and snakes was probably the best part, because not only was it warm, George was running around exclaiming things with great joy. It was delightful.  
--- 5 ---
I have been listening to Heaven is for Real on audio book this week. Wow. Have you read this book? It's changing what I think about heaven. It's so interesting. And honestly, I'd typically be somewhat of a skeptic on books like this... but I have been captured by it. It's hard to put down!
--- 6 ---
This week I left George unattended in the basement, which is not unusual. It's a totally kid-proofed space and there's no door on the stairs, so I can always hear him. BUT, this week I forgot to close the door to the storage side... which is NOT kid-proofed. Let's just say that George dropped something down the floor drain and Mama had an adventure getting it out...
--- 7 ---
I have thought for a long time that Flickr is a dying platform... BUT, I still use it to see photos from some of my friends occasionally. I've always found it a little humerous that every time I open their app (which is maybe once per month), it says to me, "Flickr is pretty neat, huh?" and then asks me to rate their app... Heh. The answer to your leading question is... No, not really. :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Is the train closed forever or just for the season?

  2. We tried to take our (then) 2.5 year old twins on a train when we met up with their birthmom in the spring. We thought they would love it. Our son was so overwhelmed and terrified he was trying to throw himself off the train...not really how I saw that one going...

    Hooray for babies who sleep!