Friday, November 06, 2015

Take 173

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
This week's 7 Quick Takes is brought to you by a song that you won't be able to get out of your head... Thanks, Aunt Melanie, for plaguing me gifting us with such a fun song! 
 --- 2 ---
This week I made Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodle cookies... Wowzah. I'm tempted to make them again with smaller cookie amounts and increased cream cheese filling. They were quite cake-y and we liked them. :)
--- 3 ---
When we got married, I mostly picked sheets for our bed based off of what company/style had the best matching color to our duvet cover. Well, we ended up with "Cool Egyptian Sheets" and let me tell you -- they were COOL. Like, middle of winter, get into bed and shiver in the sheets until your body eventually warms it up. Well, this month I finally pulled the trigger and purchased flannel sheets for us for the winter... We are seriously so happy. Many comments on why it took us so long...
--- 4 ---
On Tuesday this week, we went as a family and voted. Then I got home, put the baby down and raked our front yard with George. I felt so darn American.
--- 5 ---
I found a large bar Pampered Chef stone on Craigslist this year... and it got a crack in it pretty quickly. I called Pampered Chef this week and just asked if they could do anything for me, honestly admitting that I didn't buy it from them and I didn't know how old it was.
They're sending me a new one in the mail.
Aren't they awesome? 
Support your Pampered Chef today! :) 
--- 6 ---
This week I went back to work! I made it! Thanks to my husband being "on" in the mornings, I got up at 6 a.m. four days in a row and showered, without an ear toward possibly waking children. It's amazing how freeing that is! 20 work hours later and I'm beginning to remember what it is I actually do. But, I'll admit that it wiped me out in a major way. I'm exhausted. And happy to be going on retreat this weekend!
--- 7 ---
I've been working on getting photos of my kids together. I had read somewhere that 2nd children complain that they don't have any solo photos of them as babies... So I've worked hard to make sure Rowan's getting her fair share. Now I'm working on the opposite problem! I'm so glad I'm working on it... because I'm getting ones like this that make it very worth it:

Happy Friday!

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