Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Month Three

Things I love about Rowan
in the season of month three:

-Oh the many sweet smiles! You're just so giving with your many bright eyed smiles.
-You have definitely started a pattern: sleep, eat, diaper change, then play. It takes a LOT of the guess work out of what you need, because you almost always like those four things in that order. I'm loving that.
-Your legs are getting stronger! You like to "stand" and stiffen your legs while I hold you.
-You are not a very happy car baby. Unless everything has been done to make you comfortable, you won't fall asleep... Movement don't matter if you're wet or hungry.
-I've gone back to work and you're protesting bottles. Are you a redhead? (see photo above)
-You've begun engaging with George. That is THE sweetest thing. Ever! You gurgle and smile at him while he mimics me and says in a high pitched voice, "Hi, Baby!"

I have now vowed to take more video of Rowan... Because this is the best that I have...

[George: Month Three]

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