Tuesday, November 24, 2015


My Dad sent along this video of Ann Voskamp. I enjoyed reading her book last winter and yes, like Amanda, I'm a natural... realist. Pessimist? Something. And YES. I'm trying. Thankfully, I married Brian, who is also grateful. Positive. Seeing the possibilities and open doors.

So, as we enter Thanksgiving, I'd like to join in on the topic that many people are discussing this week. I give you photos. I give you photos because it's often how I become most grateful. Through people I love, capturing their smile, through the beauty surrounding me and those who point me right back to the Lord, who has loved me and given me so many good gifts...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh... and here's a bonus. Because... well, I certainly am grateful to my Dad... 
who brought up the whole topic to begin with.
Yup. That's definitely me.

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