Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Adventures of Ta and Boddington

In our house, books are just beginning to catch on, if you know what I mean. The board books of naming colors and objects are fun, but I am so excited and eager to begin really enjoying stories with my children. Books played a major role in my life as a child and I've already enjoyed some of my favorites with George. Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom is already being enjoyed! 

So, when our friend, James Zwerneman, wrote a series of children's books about two cavemen: Ta and Boddington, we eagerly checked out the set and read them to George. (Rowan cares... oh not so much at this point in her short life!) 

To say the least, we enjoyed the first of the set with him very much, and just yesterday, as we were out for a walk, he began chanting, "Boom-buh-buh-Boom!" (Entirely unprompted!) 

Congratulations to James on a set of delightful stories. We're so proud of you! 

Are you looking for a fun gift for your children or grandchildren this Christmas? Looking to expand your library of delightful stories? Check them out!

The Adventures of Ta and Boddington!

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