Friday, October 23, 2015

Take 171

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Rowan was baptized! It was such an unbelievable day! She was baptized at the Log Chapel at Notre Dame and the big party following was a family tailgate before the ND/USC game! Welcome to our Christian family, sweet baby! :) 

Thanks for taking photos, Melanie Reyes Photography!
 --- 2 ---
In the past couple of weeks, my son has begun playing independently. I think to myself, "It's awful quiet!" Then, I find him either working on legos or looking at books by himself. 
Folks, this is life changing! 
--- 3 ---
Grandmommy has mentioned that Rowan looks like a kewpie doll... Which I had to google... And yes, I think that she could be right... (Baby mohawks are fantastic.)
--- 4 ---
Dad has reported that I can order a drink at Starbucks on their app and then just swing by and pick it up at the bar... SAY WHAT?! 

This week is dedicated to my Dad. For sharing that unbelievable information with his daughter... Love you, Dad!
--- 5 ---
In other news, I just had to share this delicious redheaded display with you...
--- 6 ---
I tried this red onion trick of soaking it in ice water to decrease the "sharpness" of the taste... I'd add salt next time to cut it even more... but it's a winner!
--- 7 ---
This week's Quick Take question is what is my most popular 7 quick takes post... I give you my most popular takes (and I have NO IDEA why!) and my close second (and I know EXACTLY why!) :)

Happy Friday!


  1. I think it's the fabulous picture at the top + the fact that it's been on your sidebar for so long (views beget more views?)

    P.S. I like your sweet sleeping redhead. :)

    1. Yes, Anne! I believe you're right. ☺️