Friday, October 16, 2015

Take 170

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I've said it before and I'll say it again this year... Brian is an amazing soccer coach! Not only does he spend his free time studying the game, he loves coaching the boys' team and I am forever hearing compliments from the parents. I've taken better photos in the past, but here's one to commemorate this year... Trinity School at Greenlawn, 7/8th grade boys' team!
--- 2 ---
We've had this mushroom gracing our front yard for weeks, now. Brian researched it and it's called "Chicken of the Woods". It's called chicken because you can eat it! Unbelievable, right?!
--- 3 ---
I have nothing more to say on the subject other than all tea should be in individual packets. Those wax paper bags of tea bags? Totally impossible to organize in a better system. Ridiculous.
--- 4 ---
This week I read in Phillipians, "May everyone experience your gentle and understanding heart" (4:5). I was struck by this verse and pray to be the kind of mother whose children can say this of me. Motherhood: not a small task and stretching me every day. 
--- 5 ---
We have accomplished the seasonal change back to having our down comforter grace our bed. I forgot how cozy it is to have your blanket lay heavy on top of you. It's so lovely. 
--- 6 ---
This article by a friend of mine, Beth P., is certainly worth the read! I especially love the line, regarding how fancy clothes aren't necessary for babies when everyone simple wants to admire their fat rolls... So true for both of my babies! :)
--- 7 ---
Georgo got his first hair cut from Brian's barber, Dominic (from Italy, of course!). Happily, my Dad's barbers growing up, Nunzi and Sal, were also from Italy. Keeping traditions alive! (And yes, bring on the family photo.)

Happy Friday!


  1. *purple* not people

  2. Hahaha did George squirt something people on your bedside lamp/wall? I sure hope so! It'll make me feel more normal.