Friday, October 09, 2015

Take 169

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
It's my Mama's birthday today! As many of you know, she's worked hard at battling cancer this year and I'm so proud of being able to witness and support her in this journey. She's a rock and a rockstar. Love you, Mama!
Also, it's my godson's birthday today! To Sean Didymus, the unstoppable!
--- 2 ---
This week marked the anniversary of Brian's great-grandfather's death. This man was much loved and loved the Lord much, too. Here's a photo of Brian, his brother Patrick and George in front of the tree dedicated in memory of Clem and Mary Lou.
--- 3 ---
Well, I misunderstood the weeks of takes... SO! In order to celebrate a "Link-toberfest", I give you: My very first quick takes! (Don't miss Louis and Danny in Take #3... and the fact that there weren't actually 7 takes. So. Riight.)

Also, I give you... my total number of takes... which is apparent in the title. :) 169! Whew. Just in case you want to know the math... after today, you will have 1,183 random tidbits from me. (Or 1,182... based on the above. hah.) I hope you haven't gone crazy, yet... and if you've seen 'em all, I commend you! Maybe we should have a "favorite take" week. 
--- 4 ---
We chose to grow curly kale this summer and... I have been rethinking the curly part of it... because I'm plagued (har har har) with the thought that there is a worm or bug stuck in those many curls... Which makes the prepping of kale such a big venture, indeed. Anyone else live in fear or eating one of those nasty green worms along side your pork chops for dinner??
--- 5 ---
Thanks to being 2 months postpartum, I'm again blessed to be wearing my wedding ring set!
Brian bought me a lovely "pregnancy ring" that is simple and beautiful... but there's a real joy to putting back on my set from the day we got married!
--- 6 ---
Does your oven suffer from stains between the two layers of glass? Ours did! 
Until I watched this video this week... and voila! It's not perfect, but the white line that was on the door is gone
--- 7 ---
As a bit of advertising... Without being paid! I am so very happy (after two kids) with the Mombo nursing pillow. I'm eager to share this because everyone seems to purchase the Boppy nursing pillow... and it's much "flatter" and less supportive than the Mombo. So, if you're in the market- check it out!


  1. Hi! I'm over from the Catholic Women Bloggers -- first time at your blog! Love the red couch and this is a fun post! :) I need to try my hand at 7QT. I haven't been brave enough yet. ;)

    1. Thanks, Lydia! I love the concept of "quick blogging" :) It fits well with a lot of the thoughts rolling around in my head! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks Mary! Great post, as usual. <3