Wednesday, October 28, 2015

House labor of love

My husband is amazing. He brought to this marriage an unbelievable gift: he's handy. He's not just "I can figure it out" (though he is also that), but he's "I know how this works" kind of handy. 

He made our kitchen transform from flowered wallpaper to the tiled back-splashed beauty it is today. Coming from a woman who's afraid to hammer a nail in a wall for artwork, I'm constantly in awe. 

Pinterest has become a friend of mine as "we" gutted and renovated both of our bathrooms. What kind of sink do you want? What about concrete? Dare we put marble in our tiny bathroom, since it's basically the same price (umm, YES.)? 

And let me tell you: they're done and they're beautiful. And you know what? I love deleting pins and knowing that we made our dreams into a reality. So. Awesome. 

Yes, he cast both of our sinks from concrete! That included designing and making the molds! Tile in the downstairs bathroom is designed beautifully and the wainscoting and cabinet is absolutely all his genius.

Our Upstairs Bathroom:

Our Main Floor Half Bath:

Thank you, Brian, for making our home beautiful!

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