Tuesday, September 01, 2015

What's in a meal?

We have benefited from the many gifts and care from friends after Rowan's birth. It's been such a blessing! It's tempting to feel guilty with a much easier recovery when friends parade in with meals- often including a dessert or even awesome granola bars. I did a little contemplating and decided that no, it's not just a meal. 

That's right: it's not just a meal! It's the not having to cook during the "witching hour." Its not having to clean all the pots and pans. It's the decreased time it takes to grocery shop when your infant is always 90 minutes to the next nursing session. It's not meal planning on Friday, the last day of the week when everyone is worn out and tired. It's even the real, nitty gritty financial help of paying for our dinners. 

I refuse to feel guilty. Instead, I'm feeling grateful! Thanks to all of you awesome family and friends. We are so well cared for!

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