Friday, September 18, 2015

Take 166

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Rowan Adelaide smiles! Hip, Hip, Hooray!!
--- 2 ---
In other Rowan news, we made the switch to gDiapers (from newborn disposables that we had leftover from Gman) and BAM! She barely fits in newborn clothing anymore. It happens so darn quickly!
--- 3 ---
Brian researched what was going on with our ugly birds in our backyard... Check out one of the molting phases of cardinals! (scroll down). It's crazy! And ugly.
--- 4 ---
I started reading The Shell Seekers thanks to Charlene O. sending me a copy. My favorite quote so far? "How does it feel to be 70? They had asked him. Not too bad, he had replied. When you consider the alternative." Hah!
--- 5 ---
You know how If You Give a Mouse a Cookie works? Well, I had a similar experience with eggs this week... I made coconut ice cream, which required 8 egg yolks... So I found a recipe for angel food cake, which required 12 egg whites... So I found a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, which required an egg yolk... So I found a recipe for chocolate velvet ice cream, which required 3 egg yolks... 

Waste not, want not? Or just crazy frugal? You g'ahead and a decide for yourself. Or, just invite yourself over for dessert... because we still have some of all of it in the freezer (as soon as I make the chocolate velvet ice cream)! Hah. Also, Aunt Lois, you're the best for gifting us an ice cream maker! One of my dreams come true!
--- 6 ---
Speaking of desserts, Brian brought home chocolate ravioli this week from the South Bend Business Expo. Say, what?!
I'll admit, I didn't really like it. BUT! 10 points for creativity.
--- 7 ---
I declare that unsingable church songs are a crime. That's all I have to say about that.

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