Friday, September 11, 2015

Take 165

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Colds have descended upon us. This is how we feel about it:
Poor Rowan seems to have gotten the worst of it. Oh the terrible snotty breathing and tragic attempts to nurse peacefully. Ugh. I'm praying for health!
--- 2 ---
We rented our house out for the ND game weekend! Three cheers for Brian making that happen and for having a very clean home at the end of it. I still think it's a great way to be paid to spring clean your home. 
Also, another three cheers for Brian who thought to get photos of our home while it was spotless. He's a keeper.
--- 3 ---
Rowan has a one piece white nightgown that makes me think of Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life when he jumps in the river and then is in a white nightgown in the following scene. Cracks me up every time. And yes, when she wears it, I call her Clarence. 
--- 4 ---
I'm not exactly sure how stores get away with labeling citrus fruit seedless. My experience has always been that there are seeds-like it or not. 
--- 5 ---
I keep wondering how long it will take for George to realize that when we sprinkle salt on his food, he's not actually getting any. 
--- 6 ---
Have you ever read Still Alice? It's a book about a woman suffering from early onset Alzheimer's disease. I'm 30 years old and downloaded this book this week. Through the entire first chapter I kept thinking that everything sounded familiar.

Yup. I've read it before. Early onset indeed. Oy vey. 
--- 7 ---
Hopefully this week did not leave you feeling like George does in this video and you're ready and geared up for a fun weekend!

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