Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Garden Recap 2015

Here we are--almost October and definitely autumn! Whew! 
And I'm happy to report that this year's garden was successful!
Gardening is something I enjoy doing, and I've very much taken to square foot gardening. I look forward to more boxes next year and 3x as much vertical gardening... because it really is awesome.

Here was the plan.
Here was my report in early June.
Here's how it went!

3 squares was plenty! Oh, and I love vertical gardening. They did beautifully.
All of them did poorly. Serrano, Mole and Red peppers... we saw only a few peppers--and none of them had any real heat. (Not sure what happened, except that it was generally a cooler summer.) If you live in Northern Indiana and know what happened for sure... let me know! hah.
4 squares was plenty! I have 19 (~1/2 cup) bags of pesto frozen for the winter... and I can't wait to start using them! Oh, and I still haven't pulled the plants, so we're not done, yet!
Curly Kale:
3 squares provided for our quiche all summer. I noticed that the earlier harvested leaves were a bit flimsy and wilted quickly. Our current harvest is more like what I'd get at a store: firm leaves that do beautifully when sauteed. One more square might get us a dinner veggie per week, which might be worth it.
 That story isn't over, yet... I've still got many of them in the ground, but they're doing well. Next year, I need to do a better job of thinning them out, so I get fewer, but larger beets. This year, they've been relatively small.
Lettuce & Spinach:
We haven't bought any lettuce or spinach all summer. We had a steady crop for a nearly 3 months... It was fabulous! My fall crop of lettuce is currently coming up!
 Bonus! Cherry Tomatoes:
We had a volunteer tomato plant grow under our kitchen window... This plant literally exploded and has given us a decent crop so far! And it's still going. A little bonus that I'm delighted by!
A Sweet Bonus! Nectarines!
Brian's nectarine tree produced fruit for the first time this year! It was unbelievably delicious! Looking forward to that every summer! 


  1. Just found your blog via the Catholic blogging facebook group and I love it! I'm a terrible gardener but I aspire to be better next year. I really liked your plan!

    1. Thanks, Sterling! One thing I love about square foot gardening is how easy it is to start! Good luck!