Friday, August 21, 2015

Take 162

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Rowan Adelaide is still the star of the show! We've had lots of visitors and lots of fun this week-  and a big thank you to Melanie for taking some beautiful photos for us!
--- 2 ---
Speaking of a great week, I'd like to honor my fabulous mother-in-law, Beth, for watching George during my maternity leave. It has been so unbelievably nice to have afternoons off from the toddler world to enjoy my sweet newborn. 
--- 3 ---
I've been working on doing more activities with George, partly because he needs the extra love, but also because he's simply developmentally ready. And let's be honest- because I'm nursing 100 times per day and that's boring for George. This week, I successfully instigated a game of line up the Stuffed animals. Coming next, I'm hoping to start a game of "peel the masking tape off of the high chair tray." :) I'll keep you posted. 
--- 4 ---
When I was in the hospital and complaining about how warm it was, they gave me a personal fan. When I was discharged, they told me to take the fan, because it was mine. I happily took it, but also feared the hospital price tag attached to it. :) I've used it every night since I've gotten home. 
--- 5 ---
This week I learned that our knives catch on fire. The black end of one of our knives was dropped into the gas stove and it caught on fire. Crazy, right?
--- 6 ---
I declare that swimming after the heat of the day, when no one needs to be sun screened is my new favorite. 3:30 pm swimming until dinner time is fantastic. 
--- 7 ---
Here's a quick post from Real Housekeeping on something I'd like to try, but my over-stuffed post-baby freezer can't handle it, yet... Pasta sauce is definitely a goal of mine in the kitchen world. 

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