Friday, August 14, 2015

Take 161

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Rowan Adelaide is here! Alleluia! Birth story to come- I promise! But, for now, you can enjoy a little ooo and a little aah, just like the rest of us. ;)
--- 2 ---
Sheila- YOU are the winner of the pool! Rowan came on Saturday, August 8th at 9:16 am. You guessed the 8th at noon and were only 3 ounces over! So, what do you want for your prize? Heh. Maybe I should decide that before it's all over next time?
--- 3 ---
I would like to thank both Grace Patton and Audrey's recommendation about the nursing cover of this post. Holy better quality! I'm already much happier with my Balboa cover.
--- 4 ---
I heard this advice before George was born: Don't fill your freezer so full that you can't fit in ice cream. Well, the day before Rowan was born I indulged in some high end pints of ice cream (Häagen Dazs, anyone?) and resolved that you don't need to fit in a gallon... But maybe just a pint or two of the quality stuff. SO. Good. 
--- 5 ---
I've been thankful for Truestone Coffee before.  And I'm thankful again. Charlene could not have known. She could not have known that George picked up Brian's coffee in the morning and dumped it on the floor.  She could not have known that half of our stash in the freezer was almost gone.  She could not have known that the double doctors appointments we had just arrived home from were... More than enough fun for one day (for all of us).  But at 4:30 PM, when the mail arrived, I did cry a little. And then Brian made a fresh batch of french press. It was the best coffee of my life. Thank you, Charlene, for the gift of coffee after the birth of a baby... It's so unbelievably apt. 
--- 6 ---
So that doctors appointment? I would just like to say that in the middle of the appointment in order to keep my child happy, I handed him this toy:
He took it from me, put it in front of his face, pointed at its face and said, "Mama!?" 
So that happened. 
--- 7 ---
By the way, this is totally unrelated, but I have decided that Hershey chocolate syrup  is a product that I'm happy to pay namebrand price for. We use it so rarely, and the Aldi brand just simply doesn't cut it. Household decision #43258. 


  1. Yay for baby Rowan! Yay for coffee! Yay for Hershey syrup and of course, Yay for George and dinosaurs.

  2. I hope that the Hershey's syrup is the dark chocolate? I'll never go back. On a more serious note, we're so happy for you all with the birth of Rowan. She's a beautiful addition to your already wonderful family. Enjoy every moment you can (that is, not so exhausted you can't even think straight). They do grow quickly...