Friday, August 07, 2015

Take 160

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Still reporting from the land of pregnancy! In a fun (and sad) twist of fate, Brian's phone died this week and thanks to switching back to an old phone, I discovered hospital photos of George that I didn't know existed!
--- 2 ---
Speaking of hospitals, Brian and Beth report that it used to be the case at the local hospital that each night the hospital would host a steak dinner for all of the new parents. The tables were set with linens and all the new parents could meet the other parents. Isn't that fantastic??
--- 3 ---
George has a favorite game... Soccer is the word of happiness in these parts. He will walk up to you while holding a ball and sign, "Please!" This video is what he's asking for:
--- 4 ---
Brian and I have discovered that watching movie trailers in their entirety will essentially reveal the entire movie. It's sort of efficient if you don't have a lot of time. Or, in the case of In Lieu of Flowers,  I wish I had stopped just the trailer... Romantic movie fail. 
--- 5 ---
Nesting has been an interesting thing during this pregnancy. Since I fully expected to have a baby by now, I find myself surprised by another weekend of chores, shopping, and laundry. But, I am happy  that I got around to making my chore card prettier. Priorities, right? (No laminate machine here... this is a good ol' fashioned 4x6 index card, hand drawn sharpied boxes, packaging tape and a dry erase... crayon. Because that's what we had.)
--- 6 ---
I liked this post about reviving the summer kitchen. Because this baby is not coming in January, I was not tempted to make a bunch of freezer meals. Instead, I plan to have a lot of grilled meat. :) Thanks to our garden, we will at least always  have cucumber for our vegetable! 
--- 7 ---
That's all I have for this week... (Is 39 weeks and 5 days an excuse for only 6 takes? Hope so.) Can't wait to report as a family of FOUR!


  1. I've been wanting to make a "laminated" checklist of my daily tasks for several weeks now ... never even thought of packing tape ;) Brilliant!

    Beautiful baby photos - looking forward to seeing the next baby photos soon. God bless you while you wait! :)

  2. Another idea for laminate is to use clear contact paper. When making larger charts in Latin class, I'd use the contact paper if I really liked the chart.