Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Splash of Design

Happy Tuesday! 

We're all surviving (and maybe thriving!?) here. Rowan is two and a half weeks happy and George is delighted by my figuring out how to incorporate new activities into his life. Today I gave him crayons for maybe the second time in his life. (The first time he consumed them. This time he just pretended to. Progress!) My parents are here for a short visit and we all went out to eat for dinner--Politos! We New Yorkers don't disapprove of their pizza. But, don't get me wrong, it ain't no Mario's

No really. 

Next time you're in Union Pier, go to Mario's. Talk to Mario. Your life will improve.

Remember when I went to this awesome blogging conference?? I'm still enjoying all of the blogs that I'm newly reading and friendships that were made from that day... What fun it was to sit around and think about the internets (and my little corner of it!) for a day!

One of the sweet things that came from that weekend was an opportunity to host Rhonda Ortiz from Real Housekeeping! She gifted me with an offer to help me with a design for my blog header! So, I bring you (or really, SHE does!) the new and improved Couch of Red!

Looking for a splash of design for yourself? Check her out!


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