Friday, July 31, 2015

Take 159

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
9 day until due date and I'm still pregnant. :) Which means that all the guesses under this post are still in the running! Interesting fact about this baby? Hiccups! Never felt like George had them... This little one definitely does!
--- 2 ---
Do you have a gift certificate "problem", too? We seem to get them and then... store them. I have a stack and seem to never get around to spending them... WELL, this past Sunday, George and I went to two stores, bought two gifts and then went out for ice cream... and we used THREE gift cards. We I felt so accomplished. 
(PS- I do not have this problem with Starbucks gift cards... Drive through happiness. Those puppies disappear. Quickly.)
--- 3 ---
I must admit that I've been nesting this week. God bless Brian. Our house is officially clean enough for a new baby. (Though Melanie assures me that babies come--clean floor or not). Today? I plan to fill the house with more food and make the guest bed. Closer, people, closer.
--- 4 ---
My iPad is in its first week of use and I still am getting used to it... Everything is so pleasantly BIG! My phone now feels like a miniature play toy. I just had to show you the new case Brian picked out for me... :) It's tres cute.
--- 5 ---
Our household would like to inform you that the Tottenham Hotspur Season has commenced! We don't know what you're doing... but you could be watching futbol.  
--- 6 ---
This week I successfully followed this tutorial and removed the "unremovable" cap from the swiffer bottle so that I can fill it with... whatever I want! Between that and purchasing these reusable swiffer pads, I'm hoping to be a bit more economical with our "quick clean of the floors" plan.
--- 7 ---
I hope to give you a comprehensive garden update soon, but here's a little FYI: my peppers have done very poorly this year. BUT! It's the first time I've ever seen a pepper turn red on the plant in my whole life:
I think the peppers suffered from our cooler weather... because I JUST pulled all my lettuce out... and it's August tomorrow--so THAT was a long, successful season... We've had enough lettuce for our household since we began harvesting... about mid-May. 

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