Friday, July 24, 2015

Take 158

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
We had an awesome date night last weekend! We sat across from each other at Corndance Tavern, wondering when the last time was that we were out on a date without another couple and without George... It had been a couple of months, we think! It was a lovely dinner followed by a very fun concert put on by Josh Garrels. That's right. Date night before the new baby and we bought the t-shirt. :) Oh, and if you get a chance to see him in concert, do it. It was highly entertaining and a great night.
--- 2 ---
Speaking of pre-baby... Brian bought me a surprise gift! My iPad Air 2 arrives in the mail TODAY! If you can't find me over the next week/maternity leave... you'll know what I'm doing... :) Tell me your favorite apps and features of your iPad! I'll get on it right quick.
--- 3 ---
When we had Liam and Peter staying with us last week, I put my tablecloth question away for the week, and replaced it with a $5 estate sale find of a decent looking plastic tablecloth:
The experiment has worked well so far! I can wipe the table down, the cloth doesn't look horrific and I haven't washed a table cloth in two weeks! I kind of like that.
--- 4 ---
Our first batch of pesto happened this week! I had self control and froze it all for future pizzas and pastas... But I've taken all of your basil advice and am doing quite well with our basil plants this year! I'm clipping more branch like harvests, I'm pinching leaves as necessary, too, and taking those branches and letting some of them take root in a little vase and then replanting those back outside. It's been fun! And yes, I'm seeing the fruit (more of it!) in this way of harvesting them!
--- 5 ---
George likes to play with the baby monitors and this week he discovered the concept of feedback. He cried.
And I admit to laughing. 
--- 6 ---
Our church is doing its yearly ND ticket raffle... Check out their categories: 
I'll admit, they did make me laugh with that one.
--- 7 ---
In other random things I learned this week, I heard a segment on NPR on Kenny Ortega, who I had indeed never heard of. BUT, I was dumbfounded that the same man choreographed Dirty Dancing, High School Musical and Newsies. Amazing.

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