Friday, July 17, 2015

Take 157

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
This week we have the awesome privilege of having my nephews Liam and Peter staying with us! (And Isa was with us on Sunday, too!) I'm hoping we haven't bored them too much and I must declare that George has been in absolute heaven having these wonderful boys around! (We will certainly be the boring parents that George is stuck with come Sunday when they head home... Broken heart.) 
--- 2 ---
This week I tried my first go of making cold pressed coffee. I went with The Pioneer Woman's iced coffee instructions, and have been enjoying (guiltily, thank you baby #2) an afternoon cold, creamy coffee. It's been a bit delightful, though I don't plan on keeping it around long term... I don't need that much caffeine... or maybe I will after baby #2.
--- 3 ---
I also tried my hand at Smitten Kitchen's Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Pie. I will let her photos suffice because ours wasn't as beautiful... Also, don't pour all the strawberry sauce over the pie unless you know it'll be finished in one go. Because... it really doesn't go well after being frozen. But, it was a fun dessert!
--- 4 ---
Thanks to Liam and Peter being with us, we did a little rodeo watching... and in the course of learning that rodeos have different types of events (and being teased), I declared, "Lots of normal people have never been to a rodeo!" There were definitely a few laughs, and I immediately texted my Dad. Sure Enough. He's been to a rodeo. Madison Square Garden as a little boy. Bam. 

Maybe I'm going to a rodeo?
--- 5 ---
We do not have a lot of flowers that are blooming this part of the summer, but I have two exciting things to share:
This is our third summer with this hydrangea bush... And our first bloom. Ever. Yay!
Also, these two lilies in our front yard? Totally my favorite. Every morning I see them and have an internal battle... Clip and bring in the house? Leave in our front yard? Oh the difficulties.
--- 6 ---
Liam, Peter and I watched Space Jam this week. Guess what? Patricia Heaton is very much in that movie. Hilarious. Right?
--- 7 ---
I have new glasses! (Again.) Was hoping for a brown pair, which is the base color I wear a lot (except when I'm pregnant because most of my maternity clothing is black... go figure). Brian likes them, and they've grown on me in even in the last 12 hours, though I always feel sheepish when I go with a "trendier" version of... anything.

Happy Friday!


  1. Hello! I don't know how I came across your blog -- would have to retrace my steps to figure that one out -- but I do thank you for leading me to that recipe for iced coffee. I can hardly wait to try it! I live in Texas where I've not yet found a decent store-bought glass of iced coffee. I'm on my way to Maine to visit my sweet sister for a few days and am bringing this recipe with me. My dear cousin will be there, too, so I see some lazy afternoons over iced coffee in the immediate future. Also, your lilies are just gorgeous and I wonder if I might please have your permission to post your photo on my blog at Please be assured that I will give you all the credit! I may not post it until I return home from Maine but will let you know when I do so if you say it's alright with you. Many thanks and may our dear Lord bless you and your family (especially your soon-to-be-born child!) richly and abundantly! Rejoicing in hope, Alice Claire Mansfield

    1. Hi Alice! You're welcome to use it! I have a full resolution copy if you'd like it--but I can't find an email address for you. I'm Couch of Red at gmail dot com. I'd gladly send it to you. Thanks! (And sorry for such a late reply!)

  2. We tried the Pioneer Woman's ice coffee as well and it has been a big hit. I made mine using decafe grounds so no pregnancy guilt! I'm actually enjoying a glass right now for my afternoon treat while baby no. 1 naps. cheers!

    Also, I love the glasses!