Friday, July 03, 2015

Take 155

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
We had Jake O. from Minnesota stay with us last week... And thanks to him, this holiday weekend is starting out with french press Sumatra Truestone Coffee. Jake, it was a pleasure to have you here... and thanks for kicking off our weekend with some fantastic liquid personality. If you haven't tried this coffee, go buy yourself a pound (or ten). Your life will forever be changed.
--- 2 ---
Brian and I are both reporting from fantastic weekends! First off, a report from the Tough Mudder! This is Brian's third in four years and this time around he did it with his brother, Sean, in Kentucky! He said the terrain paid off and was way more interesting than Michigan's course... Michigan being the beautifully flat state that it is. So proud of them! 
And thanks to Brian Sr. for driving--an extremely valuable gift for post-TM running!
--- 3 ---
For me, I had a the pleasure of spending a weekend with ALL of my sisters in Michigan! I believe the last time we were together was Thanksgiving of 2013 (to celebrate my parents' 60th birthdays). Thank you, Bethanne, for being the crazy-awesome road tripper who is willing to take 6 kids across the country to visit family!

Thank you, Deana, for these fabulous photos!

--- 4 ---
I am 34.5 weeks pregnant. My belly officially has corners. Feeling... like I'm in the final stretch... literally... stretching. I promise to provide a belly shot... but not today. hah!
--- 5 ---
George had his first bee sting this week! It was an unbelievable moment. He's kneeling in the grass, pushing around his car, when he suddenly stands up and starts grabbing his knees. Observing the clover beneath him, I immediately say, "That was totally a bee sting." Without crying, George runs to Brian, who inspects his leg and in one swift movement, Brian removes the stinger which is still in his leg. George simply moves on and keeps playing, with an occasional hand-swipe at his leg. It was a completely no-crying, very manly, awesome moment. We were all proud. (And thankfully, we discovered George is not allergic to bee stings.)
--- 6 ---
George's language is still coming slowly, but I thought I'd share with you my favorite mispronunciations these days...
Ready? SEEEET? "Dough!"
George, is that a football? "Butt!Ball!"
--- 7 ---
And finally, just so that you can enjoy more Trapazo with us... You'll observe George enjoying the opening "diddy"... Wowzers, he's cute. (Not that I'm biased.) Please note: George dances with his elbows, which I find entirely endearing.

Also, he's still sleeping at 9:30 a.m. That's also entirely endearing.

Happy Friday!

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