Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Small Task

You know those "easy" things that you know won't take you forever, but (somehow) take seemingly forever? Or rather, correction, they don't take forever, they simply take forever to start.
Brian and I planned this concept before George was born. I got all, "I can draw Pooh on the wall!" "Like.. this weekend!" That turned into an iPhone reminder, "Paint Pooh" that I continued to reschedule for next Saturday... week after week after week.

I finally got around to "drawing it" with blue tape, then drawing it with a pencil (months later), a couple of months later got around to painting it, and then spent another couple of months with the reminder, "Fix Pooh" being rescheduled for each future weekend... Turns out that when you erase pencil from the wall, you need to repaint those areas.

So, I'm happy to announce that its over. Or rather, it's complete! And, just in time for baby #2.
And the real kicker? In total, I probably only spent a whopping 90 minutes on this project.
90 minutes.

But, I'm glad it's done! And when I sit in the rocker and give George his bottle and cuddles... I have a pretty wall with Pooh on it staring back at me. Success!