Friday, June 12, 2015

Take 152

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
This past weekend was a test (pretty sure I partially failed) of my patience, as I had a pretty serious flare-up of sciatic nerve unhappiness. I did a LOT of sitting on the sofa, blog reading and generally just surviving on the bare minimum while trying not to whine too much about my perfectionist self that wanted to do my entire 20 item to-do list. Thankfully, the rest of the week I've seen improvement... Want to know how?

Heat. Sitting on a tennis ball. (Yes, seriously.) And stretching. 
Dear Couch Baby #2... Let's not have any more weekends like last weekend!
Oh, and maybe I'll learn something about having to be still in the process? Ugh. Maybe.
--- 2 ---
Does anyone have a favorite hammock? I'd like to not have to break the bank, but I think I'm ready for a change from the cotton cord concept... and we have several broken cords... Recommendations? (We have a stand already, which is great!)
--- 3 ---
Speaking of favorites, I'd like to declare that my least favorite animal noise to make is the elephant. We're very much in the animal noise stage here... and I always just say, "Elefante!"
--- 4 ---
One real treat of the warmer weather we're having is that I forgot how much yeast rises in the warmer months! I've made pizza dough in this house and been shocked by how little it's risen after a whole day... In the past month, it's doubled in size in mere hours! It's so exciting.
--- 5 ---
Check out the sweetness which is Brian's mericrest nectarine tree!! So very excited!
--- 6 ---
My home organization has slowed down with the third trimester (as has everything else--see #1), BUT! I put my foot down and decided, "I MUST have the necessary pieces in this house to solve our baseball cap storage issue!" Right??? Well, I tied up Bed Bath and Beyond purple ribbon (You know what I'm talking about if you got married in the past 7 years) and attached clothes pins to the ribbon and through the back strap of each hat and it hangs in our closet... 

BAM! Those bad boys have a place in our home... Which they haven't for 3 years! I'd like to think that everything we own should have a place where it lives... and we're getting closer to that!
--- 7 ---
George needs breakfast... so I'll just leave you with some sweetness: 
(Reading Ferdinando)

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