Friday, June 05, 2015

Take 151

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
First off, I'd like to give a shout-out to all of your ideas regarding teeth brushing... 
It was a pretty successful week in that department! Thanks to Tom's of Maine, Raffi and... persistence :)
--- 2 ---
I did a little research on using the Ergo Carrier for George... I never did transition him to back carrying (probably because I'm 7 months pregnant!), but was curious how the heck people got toddlers onto their back while they had no other adult help... Enter this video:
I basically almost died laughing. It looks to me like they picked a very strong man to do this because... well, I'm not sure I'm capable of making it happen on my own. haha.
--- 3 ---
Last week we had the pleasure of my parents staying with us! They were at a conference, so we didn't see them much during the day, but it was a very sweet treat to enjoy breakfast and our evening wind-down time together for 4 days in a row! Thanks for staying with us, Mama and Dad!
--- 4 ---
Also, Mama, thanks for leaving me the whipped cream. You know a quick way to my heart. :) I'd like to say that I'm writing this blog post at 8:40 with french press coffee and whipped cream and my son is still (!!!!) sleeping. What the what?? Three cheers for Trinity oral exams and evals being over, no work today for our household and all of us having slept in! Yay!
--- 5 ---
I have decided that I struggle with being an overcompensation cook. I'll make crunchy cookies and then the next time they'll be... maybe raw. I'll make way too liquidy hummus and then next time make thick-as-mortar hummus... I often miss the sweet spot in the middle.
--- 6 ---
Our zoo, which we now have a membership to, is connected to a pretty cool park. This park has a splash pad. I'm very excited that it's walking distance from our home. This week we went for a picnic dinner with friends... And I was excited to see how George did on the splash pad:
I got a kick out of his extreme timidity. But, I can't blame him. There were big kids running around all over... It was intimidating! 
--- 7 ---
We'll be going to the Josh Garrels concert here in South Bend in July... You should, too!
(Fun side note--I once knocked on Josh's door when he lived in Indy and I was a missionary knocking on doors in a poor neighborhood. He let us in, we talked about the Lord and all that He's doing in the world and then Josh sent us away with fresh produce for our household because we were living on faith.) Pretty cool, no? 

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