Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Garden Update

Hooray! We've already had a more successful garden this year than last... 
at least where basil and lettuce are concerned!
Our entire salad last night at dinner was lettuce from our garden.
And we've come a long way!

Box Numero Uno:
(Top to bottom):
Bush Beans
Lettuce and Spinach in the center squares
Beets in the bottom two squares

Box Numero Dos:
(Top to bottom):
Basil and a variety of peppers in the center
Curly Kale in the bottom 3 squares

For spicy peppers, we bought serrano and holy molys.
Instead of giving away all the plants that didn't fit in our boxes, we potted them all... Which means we have 5 pots of holy molys, 5 pots of serrano, 3 pots of red peppers and one pot of green onions.
...That's a lot of peppers...
One bummer is that the spinach has already gone to seed, I believe thanks to the 80 degree weather we've been having... Though it's not all lost, yet!
Oh! And our peas are about to flower!
Oh, and I couldn't help but share the excitement of our (ONE!) foxglove (in the back corner) and our wall of peonies that's about to explode... Yay!
How's your garden??

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