Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Do you ever need a reason to celebrate? Last week was... hard. I don't know if it's true, but it's tempting to blame pregnancy hormones. For some reason, every mole hill felt like a mountain and nothing seemed to be enjoyable. Celebration was needed. There is so very much in our lives to be thankful for and I don't want to lose sight of that. Whatever the season, it's still a time for gratitude and celebration.

So, I share with you a small list. You know, to get the juices flowing. Feel free to join me! Let's be grateful. Let's celebrate... even when life is hard.

 This is the night we got engaged... I seriously married this guy. Celebration!
These are my people. Can you even believe it? I'm so happy about it. And we get to add to our number in 7 weeks! 
In the past year and a half, we've become members of the Monroe Park Grocery Co-op. This is a co-op that gets day-old organic produce from local stores and fresh produce from local farms. Our quality of vegetables and fruits has sky-rocketed in our home. It's fantastic.
I may be gearing up for the sleepless phase of newborn wonderful, but for now I have a 17 month old who sleeps through the night and allows me to do the same. Cheers to George and all of those nights of 9-10 hours of sleep I've gotten over the past several months.
My Mama is almost done with her last phase of treatment for breast cancer! This strong woman is my Mama and I'm proud of the way she's weathered this storm... And grateful to the Lord for restoring her to health.
We went to Mexico this year. Mexico. We sipped on fancy drinks, enjoyed the ocean, a water spa treatment and a ratio of one baby to a party of 8 fabulous adults. Awesome.
And that's not everything! I'm grateful for fresh flowers on our table, the opportunity to cook dinners and bake desserts, a husband who builds garden boxes, vertical growing supports, and protective fencing, for a good job that I love, for family surrounding us here where we are and supporting us and much, much more.

See? So much! Gratitude abounds. And I'll just keep on listing when the days are long, the exhaustion is heavy and the children are screaming.

And, maybe I'll have you over for happy hour, too, because that'll help me remember the many things there are to celebrate. :)

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