Tuesday, May 05, 2015

What I learned...

So tomorrow marks the end of one month of no iPhone photos! Whew!
Here's what I learned:
  • It's easy to get a "selfie" at a toddler who likes to see his face. It's difficult to get any photo of a toddler who wants to hold the big black awesome camera you're holding:
  •  Getting your camera out regularly means you realize what you like (and don't!) about your camera... For me, that means I bought the 24mm lens for $150 and sold my kit lens for $20. BAM. Happier camera user between this new lens and my old faithful 50mm.
  • I really do like better quality photos. I think I like them over having a large quantity of iPhone photos... For example, this is a shot I would normally take with an iPhone... and its quality is much more satisfying having taken it with my big camera.

  • Instagram is a pain when you don't use your iPhone camera. Enough said. (And I look forward to seeing you on Instagram... now that I'm back on the iPhone!)
I'm very glad to have the challenge of getting back in the habit of using my Canon. I think it's safe to say that I will return (happily) to catching "quick snaps" with my iPhone and vow to stop using it again if it's the only camera I'm using... Because I love my big camera.

And I love my family. And I want quality photos of them.
A Novice DSLR Selfie User,


  1. This is awesome! I've been doing a portrait project in hopes to use my DSLR more and I've already learned so much... still so much to learn though! I'd love to hear more about the lens you use. I have the kit lens that is 50-180 (or 30-150? gosh I can't remember) and I've read so many places that I should sell it... but it makes me nervous!

    1. Yes--sell it! :) You get better f-stop on the two lenses I mentioned that I use, and frankly, with the portrait capabilities of the 50mm and the ability to get the WHOLE room in a photo with the 24mm... I'm in love! It's great... And both lenses are affordable ($150 and $110). It's photography for the non-professional. :)