Friday, May 22, 2015

Take 149

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Well, here I am reporting from 1 week since George's sickness began. Whew. What a week that poor kid has had! It reminded me of Auntie Leila's post on common sense care of your sick child. FYI, George was capable of lounging this week. That's always amazing/scary.
--- 2 ---
I got to host our Non Book Club this month, and tried Erin Scott's Ruby Red Grapefruit Fizz
(Thanks for the photo, Tess!)
It was very fun! Though, I'll admit it was a bit too acidic for me.
--- 3 ---
In other thoughts from Design Sponge (the blog the drink recipe came from), I enjoyed looking at this house tour because... well, I'm slightly addicted to house plants (and always trying to keep it under control). I did enjoy scrolling through the photos, but will admit that caring for that many plants (watering, repotting yearly, pruning, etc) MUST be a full time job!
--- 4 ---
This week, George took the Lawry's and snuck it in the dishwasher...
And then I ran the dishwasher:
--- 5 ---
When I was pregnant with George, I counted everything. And I mean everything. I counted ounces of water consumed each day, number of kicks towards the end of the third trimester, number of days before my due date (forget weeks!) and well... Frankly, I'm not counting this time. I could probably be drinking more water, I know I'm in my third trimester and... this baby seems to be more active than George, so I'm not worried. 


This time around? I'm determined to get better In-the-hospital-and-just-born-photos. 
(Though I do so love this one!)
I had fun searching Pinterest for "Newborn Hospital Photos" and am determined to actually pull out my camera this time around... Or beg Brian to. hah. :) 
(And, I think having a pancake lens will very much help!)
--- 6 ---
For your enjoyment:
So Pleased!

So Stuck!!
--- 7 ---
This was George and I last year, cheering on Papa at the Trinity School at Greenlawn Alumni Games:
 If you're in South Bend, we hope to see you this year at the games!

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