Friday, May 15, 2015

Take 148

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas... We had a great one here! We took a field trip to Varner's Greenhouse and filled our raised beds with peppers and basil!! Oh, the anticipation! (They have cages of birds at Varner's... so strange. And yet, appreciated.)
--- 2 ---
In other exciting news, my phone took a dive into the toilet this weekend... I found George playing in the toilet, and in my haste to resolve the (gross) situation, I dropped my phone right in. Would you believe it survived? The screen flickers occasionally... but it's totally functional. For the win.
--- 3 ---
This week, I made Smitten Kitchen meatloaves. I'm so grateful to Brian who bought me her cookbook for my birthday! I would like to tip my hat to Deb, who thanks be to God decided that meat loaf doesn't need to be a loaf. It's forever changed my view of this dinner.
--- 4 ---
Speaking of the kitchen, George is capable of putting all the tupperware into the drawer from the dishwasher. It's pretty weird seeing my son participate in a chore. Maybe he's breaking things down into "Fun-Sized" chores, too? 
(Credit goes to Mae for that spectacular title of Fun-Sized.)
--- 5 ---
Many of you have professed your adoration of a photo I posted of George in his new car... But I simply can't deprive you of the actual footage of this new toy:
--- 6 ---
I bought this. It smells exactly like play dough. Total bummer for this pregnant woman who is sensitive to all smells.
--- 7 ---
I was really hoping to spend a lot of time at the pool this summer before baby #2 arrives. Do you think we can handle it?

 Which basically reminds me of last year...
 Oh. And this:
Come on baby, you know you love it!


  1. The face in that last picture is meme-worthy! :-)