Friday, May 08, 2015

Take 147

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Happy Birthday to my love! 

You are my best friend, and I'm so glad to be on this adventure of life with you!
(This is the face of a man who took the beans & rice for his lunch this week, leaving me the shrimp & pasta. People, this is true love. Oh, and sorry I cut the top of your head off... #selfiewithadslr)
--- 2 ---
Our yard produces something like a Double Daffodil. I thought it was very unique until I started seeing them around in the neighborhood... Turns out they're an actual type.
--- 3 ---
When George was born, I was so confused by the concept of a bath being a part of a bedtime routine... Talk about a lot of work! I was quite happy to stick to the "We have sensitive skin" camp and make sure George got two baths per week... UNTIL! Spring! Wow! Baths have a whole new meaning with all this dirt! (And yes, I'm trying to let go and let him get dirty... which is not easy for me!)
--- 4 ---
If you haven't heard the latest and greatest, here's a post by my Mom, who's in the final treatment for breast cancer starting this Monday. She's amazing.
--- 5 ---
We're at week 26 for baby #2... I don't know if we hit bone development, a particular size, or what... but all of a sudden, the baby's movements feel very much like what I suspect an alien inside of me would feel like... Contiguous movement across my belly- not just a kick here and there... and like I can identify limbs. Craaaazy.

Also, with this second pregnancy, I don't know whether to feel like I want it to be over or last forever. That's strange to me.
--- 6 ---
Our county--St. Joe County--had the highest giving amount in the whole country for Give Local Day! Trinity School at Greenlawn ranked 18th in total funds raised--the highest rank for any school participating in our Give Local Day. I think THAT is a sweet accomplishment!
--- 7 ---
Just something to consider: I laugh every time Keith Urban tries to teach George the vowel sounds... because... Well, take a listen at minute 1:24:

In other news, Every time I type Keith, I type Keither. Because... either.

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