Friday, May 01, 2015

Take 146

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
This week I'd love to feature my brother-in-law's fantastic business! 
Go over and check out Parish Apps and send the link to your pastor! 
--- 2 ---
A little "Hallelujah!" for a new, Craiglisted $30 changing table! Believe me, I very much counted the changing table as an unnecessary baby item... and then my back experienced pregnancy and... well, It's. Necessary.
We now have a changing table downstairs and upstairs. And I'm one happy mama.
--- 3 ---
Feel like voting on my already-owned-for-a-while-but-chickened-out pair of glasses? I think they're fun, but not an "every day pair". But, my old faithfuls got a scratch and are an old prescription... so I'm trying them out:
--- 4 ---
Thanks to a bit of continuing education at work, I've discovered that it's nearly impossible for me to skim an online pdf. Print that baby out and I'm golden! But on a reader... I'm toast! It's like every. word. must. be. read. Fascinating, right?
--- 5 ---
This week I discovered how important baking soda is... That blueberry banana bread I made? Yeah... it never rose. And is slightly like chewing on batter. So weird!
--- 6 ---
Just in case you missed it this week... Camp Patton's Bash Chats brought joy and laughter to my life. 
Go enjoy!
--- 7 ---
Happy Friday! A video of G-man for you to enjoy...