Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Something is better than nothing!

I absolutely adored this post by Nell at Whole Parenting. Her intro could've actually have been a personal email to me... with all my lists and notes about all the things I want cleaned, organized and taken care of in my home... (Just ask Brian!)

BUT! As I'm less than a week away from trimester numero tres and generally... tired, I'm learning a bit of something about rebuking my own perfectionism. You see, for me, it's not worth doing a chore unless I can check it off the list. And it doesn't come off the list until it's entirely done. There's a problem here, though... I'll refuse to sweep the floor if I don't have the time or energy to swiffer it. (No, I didn't say mop or wash with a rag. I'm already improving!) I won't sweep the living room if I don't have time to sweep the dining room... And this is all because I've chosen "Sweep the First Floor" and "Clean the Upstairs Bathroom" as whole items on my checklist...


Well, third trimester me is seeing the light. I've divided my chores into more sizable chunks. And yes, I'll still mark them off the list... But, I'm learning that cleaning the toilet is way better than doing nothing for the bathroom. Oh, and changing the sheets? It's going on the list. Because I want credit for when it's done!

Cheers to making life work... in every season!

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