Friday, April 24, 2015

Take 145

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Brian's mericrest nectarine tree is flowering! We've had it in our yard for three years, now, and it's the first time we're getting flowers and (hopefully) FRUIT! So cool. It's a weird goal of mine to have everything in our yard be either edible or perennial. :) So far, we're well on our way to having that!
--- 2 ---
A special thank you to my cousin, Colleen Z., who made the coolest stuffed animal, "Rumble Roar" for George. He regularly requests that it be carried downstairs from his bedroom so that we can play with him. :)
--- 3 ---
My sister Melanie and I were chatting and used the phrase, "Screen Shot". Lucas, pretty confused, asked what a Scream Shot was... So... we did one:
(The resizing to fit the screen on this photo is terrifying. My apologies. I never intend to be that "larger than life" on this blog.) 
(Also, this is not a cheat on my photo challenge. Melanie took it and sent it to me.) :)
Feel free to share your scream shots below... We'll all enjoy it!
--- 4 ---
This week we had the honor of celebrating the life of Jeanne. And, I was again struck that wakes and funerals are events that are wonderful and worth making, particularly when you don't know the person very well. I walked away this week wanting to be a better woman, a better servant to the Lord and much more. How wonderful is that?
--- 5 ---
Thanks to our friends, we have a new-to-us pull-out sofa in our basement! It seems silly, but I get excited when things "fall into place" a little more. We've been graciously lent some furniture for our basement, but it has been on my mind that we do need to return it some day, and we'll want to replace it with something, and now we have something that will even improve our house renting in the fall for ND games! Perfection. (Oh, and we know where it came from... which is more than I can say for any Craigslisted sofa.)
--- 6 ---
My joke is that George is our little vegetarian. He passes on most meats we offer him and is totally in love with beans. See Exhibit A:
--- 7 ---
Brian and I had a lovely getaway weekend without George--for the first time! We spent a night in Chicago while George went to his favorite place--Marmie and Pop's house. We had a fantastic time, and got to spend an evening with Brian's cousin, David, and his wife Catherine. What a fabulous treat!
PS- when I'm sitting across the table from a fabulous couple, and can actually GET THEM in the frame with my camera due to my super-awesome new pancake lens, I can barely contain my excitement.
Heck yes.
Happy Friday!

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