Wednesday, April 15, 2015

An end...

I didn't really have a plan. My plan was... no plan. I read a blog post (can't remember where!) about how the best birth plan for a type A'er is... no plan. Remain flexible. And honestly, that was GREAT advice for me. I didn't have much of a birth plan for George, and actually, it went very well. (I never frustrated over a crumbling plan!)

I approached nursing with the same detachment. 6 months? That was a simple plan. Longer? Sure. If the pain ever subsided (I had responded in the beginning when everything was just... so painful.)

George hit a year, and I was pregnant... and tired. And, not surprisingly, his nursing became more painful as my body starting preparing to bring another life into our family.

So, I made the decision in my head to wean. And then, my heart kicked in! Weeellll... I'll wean slowly. Over a few weeks... Dropping one daily session per week. I had no idea at the beginning, when things were so painful, that I'd become attached to this part of my relationship with my child.

And then it happened. I haven't nursed in over a couple of weeks... And there's no turning back. And don't get me wrong, I'm happy for the break I'll get before baby #2 comes along in August...

But, I felt kind of like, "Hey! Where's the confetti? Where's the last session photo? How do I commemorate this?!" Seems silly, but I guess a year of nursing a baby will do that to you.

And I didn't even see it coming.
What a sweet thing.


  1. Weaning for me is always a sweet sad thing. Both my older ones self-weaned and I felt kinda like "what am I, chopped liver?" Followed quickly by "I can leave the house and not be back forever!!!" :)

  2. I know what you mean, Mary! It is so bittersweet. My children all remember nursing, and while they are teens and tweens, it's a fond memory for all of us. It's great that you have some beautiful photos--back in the day it was not very common.

    1. A lot of my reactions to motherhood have surprised me... It's kind of fun!