Monday, April 06, 2015

A Photo Challenge!

Happy Easter!

My husband, Brian, says to me a few weeks ago, 
"You should go a whole month using your real camera."

I look at him and feel like this is a great idea...
My affectionately named, "Big Camera" doesn't see as much action as it did when I was single and not a mom, so I affirm his idea.

Then he says, "Right. I think you should NOT use your iPhone camera for a whole month."


Welcome to my next month, folks.
My iPhone camera will only be used for video.
Maybe Instagram won't see as much traffic, but hopefully the images you get to see will be good, quality images that I will enjoy taking.

AND, feel free to join me. :)
It'll be a fun challenge.


  1. Aaaaaaa this is tough. Okay...mary, I accept. But can we at least reward ourselves with wine afterwards...and cheese from oh mama's?

    1. Tess- You're on! Oh Mama's cheese to celebrate the end of a month of FANTASTIC photos! We'll set a date!