Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 Garden

This spring, Brian and I had an hilarious conversation regarding last year's garden. It turns out that I considered last year a major success--even without a lot of produce--and zero basil. I know, I know. Tragedy. Exactly. As I think through the details, we harvested mostly chard... which we decided we didn't like enough to plant again this year. So, yes, I see Brian's point. 
Oh, and the chipmunks ate every. SINGLE. Strawberry.


This is what I did learn last year: Square Foot Gardening. I learned a new technique for gardening that I like, can accomplish, is organized, orderly and doesn't take up a lot of space. So, I counted that part of it a huge success.

So, I planned again this year, expanding our number of squares and this is what I came up with:

(Do you like how I attempted to design something? Uff to the da.)

Other than our two boxes, we have two pots with snap peas growing in them and plan to plant a purple tomatillo plant in another pot in May. We're doing kale, spinach, lettuce and beets from seed and everything else we'll buy as transplants... We tried to grow chili verde from seed but ... no go. Thus the squares of "Hot Pepper". We've yet to make a decision on that.

We're also trying our hand at vertical gardening of cucumbers. Brian installed the frame for that in addition to a fancy-dancy fence that will keep chipmunks (see above) WAY out of my garden.
(I will not attempt to grow strawberries again... I'm not ready to get back up on that horse.)

So, that's our plan! Here's hoping that when baby #2 makes its appearance, we'll have fresh pickles from cucumbers, pesto for our pizza and beets in our salad!

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