Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Tale of the Dentists

Will you allow me to speak of dentists?
It is Lent...
I'm even tagging this as my first "Dentist" catgory post.
Maybe you'll come back for more, or maybe this will the lone post.
Feel free to vote.

This is me:
To be fair, this was me in 2003. (Twelve years ago. !)

This is also me:
This was me in 2004.

It was during finals week of freshmen year of college that I discovered what "vasovagal" meant. (Mom begged me to show my teeth in this photo. Head nod to the youthful vanity. I wish I had smiled.) I had been showering when I hit my funny bone and was in extreme pain. I got out of the shower and proceeded to pass out... into a tile wall and tile floor. I had a concussion, so when I finally hit floor (mouth first) I was not catching my fall one bit... and I woke up to discover the (very painful) impact that was to change my smile from gap-happy to veneer-happy:
And believe me, I was happy! I had found a (very painful) way to get rid myself of the gap... But I did become very familiar with how unequipped the emergency room doctors were with teeth ("Wow. Is that a nerve I'm seeing?!" Oh my gosh- get out of my mouth.) and very familiar with how grateful I was for modern dentistry fixing my cracked-tooth grin.

Over the past six months, I saw a lot of the dentist. I had a cleaning, three cavities filled and then a small issue on my gum show up near where my root canal from 2004 was. The dentist explained to me that I should probably get that looked at... Well, I had that root canal redone (Yes, that's a thing. It's possible.) and today I had the temporary stuff of the root canal filled with the permanent stuff.

After waiting for 30 minutes in that oh-so-familar chair the dentist leans over and says,
"I wouldn't assume anything about your front teeth. They've seen a lot of trauma."
And suddenly, I felt like I was again being prepared for the next awful thing in my mouth.

This is two days after they inform me that I'm due for another cleaning.

And I realized...

*His boat payment is due.

*[This is a loving reference to my pals Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers.
They knew a lot. And maybe a thing or two about dentists, too.]


  1. To be honest, I've had both good and bad experiences with dentists and oral surgeons. Although Mary's story is not unusual, it's important to remember that not all dentists are trying to milk money out of their patients. It never hurts to get a couple of opinions from other professionals to see how they fit with the recommendations of your primary dentist.

    Felipe Roberson @ Philly Dentist

  2. It is true there are good dentists out there, please don't let a bad experuence ruin it for you. I would say do your research, see if anyone you know can give you a good referral, and go with your gut. You know when someone is sincere, if they really care, and if they know what they are doing, not just trying to take your money. Good luck!

    Sharon Woods @ Fall Spark Dentistry

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