Friday, March 27, 2015

Take 142

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I took the "encourage your kids to clean" thing seriously this week and discovered that a cleaning rag does actually keep George entertained. And, much to my surprised, he knew what to do with it! He walked directly over to a wall and starting washing. So proud. I also figured... why stop there? And let him play with the vacuum... After I vacuumed, of course.
Also, Brian taught him about how the end is sucky...

--- 2 ---
My friends over at Real Housekeeping shared the Cookie Hack this week. I was delighted to see this, because I admit to almost always having a ziplock bag full of ready-to-be-baked chocolate chip cookies in my freezer... Because... dessert needs to always be available. (Right, Mom??)  
--- 3 ---
I tend to be a bit on the minimalist side when it comes to decorating. I don't love knick knacks, and I hate dusting knick knacks even more. But, I've kind of run into a dilemma with a couple of shelves at work... There's no direct natural light, so I can't put plants there.
Got any ideas? (Hint: I don't want to store financial text books here.)
--- 4 ---
Have any of you been duped by the automatic replay of Instagram videos? I've seriously had trouble knowing when a video ends because it never stops! hah.
--- 5 ---
Brian's Aunt Beth went to Paris to visit Katherine! Oh, what a sweet adventure. I haven't heard much of the details, yet, but the Instagram photos from Katherine are to die for and... she came home with French hand cream for me! Oh, the sweetness!
--- 6 ---
Jennifer shard this on Facebook yesterday and I'm with her--Jim Bachor, please come to South Bend. We need you! 
--- 7 ---
Bloggers! This is for you! Thanks to this post- which describes a browser hack, I survived a traumatic experience of deleting a long-living draft post that I accidentally deleted! (Someday, I'll even finish it!)

Happy Friday!

PS- Next Friday is Good Friday... I'll skip that day and see you for Easter! 

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