Friday, March 20, 2015

Take 141

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
I just cannot resist sharing the absolute best spam blog comment I've ever gotten... Make sure to read all the way through... (And please, share your own with us.)
--- 2 ---
We have begun to be a dancing family! George officially understand the command to dance and almost always readily joins in (unless he's busy doing something else)...

--- 3 ---
My Mom was here last week, and in true Pam fashion, we got served. (Yes, the week before the surgery part of her cancer treatment. Yes, you read that right.) You should see my stove top. It hasn't looked good since... well, we moved in. Also, I had this over zealous idea that we'd stand around and shell chick peas so that we could have ethereally smooth hummus. Let's just say... motherhood duties called me away and my Mom ended up shelling a pound of chick peas. She's the best! And yes, our hummus was ethereal this week!
--- 4 ---
Another note on food: in general, I dislike green peppers. Not because they're on the cheaper end, but because they're acidic. BUT, I sauteed them into sloppy joes this week... and no complaints!
--- 5 ---
I have been following along with little Pete and praying for him and his family! (Feel free to join me!) In other news, I couldn't help but share this post because of two things: 
  1. It's the first time I've heard "Dad and lad selfie". Moment of silence for awesomeness.
  2. A babysitter who has kids cleaning floors while cooking dinner. (Umm, I want to be that kind of mom.)
--- 6 ---
I'll admit it, I'm eagerly planning my garden. Last year, I started square foot gardening. This year, we're adding a box so that we get more variety, planting earlier and I'm even going to try to start some seeds indoor this week... Without any official equipment. (Wish me luck.) I promise to share more on this front later! Suffice it to say, I'm excited!
(Oh, and yes, we broke the bank of Mel's Mix for our box last year, and will likely not use it in the new box this year... and see if there's much of a difference.)
--- 7 ---
I'm again trying to diligently bring out the "Big Camera". (I think maybe it needs a name.) I've been frustrated that a lot of my pictures are not in focus... I'm wondering if that's a sign of an old lens, or the wrong settings? Who knows. Melanie?? hah. But, I leave you this week with:

Happy Friday!


  1. Stopping over from 7QT. I love the really smooth hummus, but can't stand shelling the chick peas. I switched to using white beans and it is so much creamier. Yum. Your picture of your son is precious. I know what you mean about pulling out the :big camera" - that's what I call it, too.

  2. What a sweet little face! Green peppers are one of my favorite foods. I buy them in the three pack and end up eating them for snacks :)