Friday, March 13, 2015

Take 140

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
I went to the Catholic Women's Blogging Network Conference on Saturday! Oh, how I wish I could've spent a 40 hour week designing my blog, playing around with looks and reading the blog of every woman I met! Alas, this week has been a busy one... But, I admit to a bursting-at-the-seems blog feed on Bloglovin', chock full of awesome blogs like Ana's Time Flies When You're Having Babies (she lives in my neighborhood!), Nell's Whole Parenting, and Sarah already knocked my socks off with this fabulous post on Father and Forgive. I'm sure you'll be hearing of more of the awesome women and their blogs in the future...
One of the big surprises of this mini-one-day-conference was realizing that I have really never met anyone else who blogs! I am not steeped in a community of bloggers, so it was very fun to chat about things that buzz around in my mind, because I don't often have lots of people to discuss things with! 
Saddest part of the weekend: missing the chance to meet Grace of Camp Patton, who was home sick with sick children... Sad! On both counts! Crossing my fingers to one day still get that lucky chance...
--- 2 ---
I got to host two women from the conference! Annie at Annery at Home stayed on Friday night and Rhonda of Real Housekeeping stayed on Saturday night! Poor Rhonda didn't plan to stay Saturday night (sickness, you stink!), but I relished having an extra few hours with her and continuing the conference for just a few hours... Annie left some Carmelite nun caramels... Seriously. I kid you not. At all. So fun. And yes, that bag is half empty.
--- 3 ---
This week, George surprised me and started playing peek-a-boo! It was a fun moment... And I suspect we'll have many more of these moments where we learn that George is actually soaking up what's going on around him... even though it's hard to believe!
--- 4 ---
I have mostly skipped over how-to fashion posts... But, I will admit to a desire to know how to do my hair "fancy"--which translates to anything other than a ponytail for a wedding. Seriously, it's that's bad, folks. Buns elude me. I had a good chuckle this week as I imagined what a "Recommended beauty products" post from me would look like:

Hi! I'm Mary and I wear eye shadow!
Two Shades!
And Mascara!
And... I just threw away my eye liner because I think I'm allergic to it.
I'm serious. Those are the two things I own. Not even something for the "above and beyond" event like a wedding... That's it. hah. Mabelline and Cover Girl.
--- 5 ---
George discovered that I keep some pretty awesome secrets in the kitchen... Like a salad spinner. This has been our #1 activity this week! Well, until I put lettuce in it.
--- 6 ---
Did you know that if you wear a Bjorn bib, it echos your voice and shoots it right back at your face? These are things you discover when you... wear your son's bib. I'm secretly wondering if that's the reason for any loudness we've experienced during meals. Maybe?
--- 7 ---
Do you remember that George is one? Well, I never did get around to sharing any photos from his birthday celebration... But here's the obligatory, "I ate cake" photo, which I'm glad I got...
Happy Friday!


  1. That blogging conference sounds like so much fun! I am glad you had a good time. And the salad spinner is a great idea for a toy. I should pull my out for the toddler.

  2. Why were you wearing his bib?
    The bag of caramels looks half full to me!

    1. To make him smile! haha. Sigh. Motherhood!

  3. I love the top of George's head.

  4. Salad spinner is best toy ever. Haha loved meeting you and hearing your story. Glad to be able to keep up on your adventure here!

    1. You, too, Nell! Blessings from Indiana!

  5. So glad you're enjoying the caramels! It was so fun to meet you :)

  6. Loved meeting you and then passing you in my car 2 days later!!

    1. Seriously! When do I get to see you next?? :)

  7. Ha! Now I HAVE to know...why were you wearing your son's bib?!?

    1. To make him smile! And to convince him to wear it! haha :)