Friday, March 06, 2015

Take 139

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Thanks to a couple of bathroom renovation projects,
I've become quite familiar with the home blogs and pinterest ideas that are everywhere.
I'd like to share with you that I totally don't understand this concept.
 I don't know about you, but if I'm sitting in a tub of water,
I will definitely end up dropping that book into the tub 
(and breaking that wine glass).

 But, it does look cozy and romantic, doesn't it?
(I promise to share the results of my husband's VERY hard work on our bathrooms. They're stunning!)
--- 2 ---
If you live in South Bend and haven't been to Chicory Cafe in a while...
Over Christmas they bought out the place next door and are twice as big!
It's quite a difference. They added a bar! 
--- 3 ---
I'm still pregnant.
I'm finding it hard to put socks and shoes on while standing.
Oh, and I'm only just 17 weeks. Normal? Maybe not. 
I did this video yesterday and felt like nothing was happening.
I woke up this morning, tried to move and realized,

Something was happening.
--- 4 ---
If any of you have a Crane Cool Mist Humidifier,
 I found this video to be surprisingly helpful.
I will admit to dumping a whole boat-load of vinegar in the base because their directions did not solve my hard water stain issue...
But I guess that's what happens when you don't dump it daily and clean it weekly. :)
--- 5 ---
Brian and I watched this video and commented that it is an unbelievably 
accurate snapshot of what our life has been like as of late.
George loves the stairs, needs encouragement when he missteps at all, comes with a slight bedhead and pajamas, loves the toilet and ... is very verbal, but doesn't speak. :)

If you can last the whole two minutes and seventeen seconds, I applaud you.
And wonder if you'd like to babysit.
--- 6 ---
I'm currently reading Spiritual Formation by Henri Nouwen.
So far, it's been full of sentences that I've copied into my journal so I can go back and think through them more. For example:

"Slowly create space for God to be revealed."
"Prayer is being unbusy with God instead of being busy with other things. Prayer is primarily to do nothing useful or productive in the presence of God."
"One of the things that happen when we spend time with God in prayer is that we find out how tired and anxious we are. If we don't fall asleep, we find out how full our head is of worries and concerns and things we need to do. [...] Instead of being prayerful we become restless and can't wait until our half hour is over."

Oy! Those are certainly helpful things for me to be thinking about!
(Have I mentioned I'm a type-A doer??)
--- 7 ---
Tomorrow, I'll be attending the Catholic Women's Blogging Network Conference at Notre Dame! You can follow along at #CWBNIndiana. I'm excited to meet other bloggers...

Ok. Ok. Especially Grace Patton. Favorite blog. Go waste an hour. Or 10.
Grace, is that too weird? Feel free to let me know.

Happy Friday!


  1. Great Lenten quotes on prayer. Thank-you. :) Contemplative prayer may be the best thing to ever happen to a type A personality -- if they can find the patience to do it. (I would know :) ) Blessings to you through your pregnancy -- and *bathroom remodel* (how exciting is that, too?) -- and nice to "meet" you through 7QT!

    1. Good to meet you, Lisa! So sorry--my comments weren't being sent to my email and I missed a BUNCH! Happy Easter!

  2. George is such a cutie. I'll babysit anytime you want to bring him by....its a bit of a commute! :)