Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Study Schmudy

Here we are again.
The first time I experienced pregnancy, I also experienced three exams with a new job:
Health and Life Insurance Certification, Series 7 and Series 63.
I'm now half-way (!) through my second pregnancy, and I'm 9 days away from the next exam:
Series 24.

This time around I took the less boot camp route.
I've studied only an hour every day since January.
But, I have a one year old. And I'm tired.

I have 4 more practice finals to go... Yes, that's 11 total finals.
And yes, those scores are... expected. hah.
They say add 15%. I say twist my arm. (I need a 70% to pass.)
At 9 a.m. next Thursday, say a prayer for me.

I'm ready to start gardening in my free time!

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