Friday, February 27, 2015

Take 138

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Happy Birthday to Beth, my Mama-in-law!
 This wonderful woman is THE woman to have in your corner.
Believe me.
She's been in my corner for some time, now, and life is SO much better!
Just this month, she dropped off George to me, had swung by Once Upon a Child, picked up a bag full of PJs (which we desperately needed!) and a few outfits, went home and washed them all, and George came to me that afternoon in an unbelievably adorable new sweatsuit... She's just... The best!
--- 2 ---
Well... we went to DC!
And it was fabulous!
But, we barely made it there:

 But when we finally did... we had this to welcome us:

Alex and Jule (and Lucia!):
We love you.

And Nichole, Paul and Gus:
What fun to meet up for lunch! Thanks for braving the weather!
--- 3 ---
On our road trip, we discovered Giant Eagle Express.
Giant Eagle is the local grocery store in Pittsburgh, and they've created a 
gas station/Subway/Small grocery store concept that is genius.
Seriously, all of those things are possible in this little place and we were able to fill up, get sandwiches and buy string cheese and crackers for George! It was amazing. 
I won't mention how insanely unintuitive every process in that store was. It just filled our every need. 
--- 4 ---
We celebrated our third anniversary!
I love you, Brian!
So much so that I attempted to make his favorite... Corn Flake Crispy Treats...
Boy, is that a serious show of love for me! :) 
Handling all that stickiness and having to do it fast before it cools!
Let's just say... they turned hard as rock after they cooled.
Dang. Next time, love... I'll figure it out!
--- 5 ---
Speaking of spending our whole life together,
Sarah B. sent me this article on a village where everyone has dementia.
"An environment built around life rather than death". WOW!
And I might add... Amsterdam. Of course.
Mom, I'd LOVE to know what you think!
--- 6 ---
I guess it's not really a big enough project for my "Organized Home Challenge",
But I'm quite pleased with my first foray into cleaning with baking soda!
I realized that I should work to keep this kettle clean because it's an item I always keep out!
--- 7 ---
I'm in the market for activities for one year olds.
Yesterday I looked up some pinterest ideas and discovered the "Cut up pieces of fabric and shove them into a tissue box". Genius. George will love that! 
Wishing I had Auntie Leila's stash to run to!

Happy Friday!
Celebrate with me and my Mama!
Chemo is over!!


  1. Aww so fun to see video of your first dance!

  2. The Corn Flake crispy treats were beautiful though!! :)

    1. Thanks, Amy! :) It's the "Pretty" that counts, right??