Friday, February 13, 2015

Take 137

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
I'm moved by my Mama.
I'm so in awe of the way she's handled her diagnosis with breast cancer and the beginning of her treatment with chemo. She's an incredibly strong woman. I'm so proud of her.
In fact, I see Christ in her (Col 1:27).
--- 2 ---
Mama posted this morning about the anniversary of her first date with my Dad!
 Well, yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of my first date with Brian!
Brian and I went to lunch, a ND women's basketball game and then enjoyed a walk (in the semi-deep snow) around the lakes at Notre Dame. I admit to being... well... beyond excited.
I'm so grateful for my parents' marriage and my marriage!
 (I couldn't resist a dating photo... but this is not a photo of our first date.)
--- 3 ---
I'm a bit behind the times...
I just finished season two of Downton Abbey.

And mostly... I'm wondering who the heck Laura Linney is 
and why she introduces each episode.

Apparently... for no reason at all. Weird.
--- 4 ---
I'm often looking through available audio books on our library's website.
I find when I don't have time to read, I enjoy listening to something light during chores, etc.
This week I just came across The Birth Order Book.

My Mama gave me this book when I was... 11? Maybe? 
It totally shaped the way I saw the world.
And I think it was one of the reasons I ended up minoring in psychology.
I'm sorely tempted to read the updated edition... now that I'm married and a Mama!
--- 5 ---
Yesterday, I drove away from 53800 Generations Drive for the last time!
Our company has built a new building and we open on Monday!
I'm actually amused by how excited I am. :)
See that desk? It's moves up by motor and converts to a standing desk! 
Hip (my 9 month pregnant) Hip(s), Hooray!
--- 6 ---
My Aunt Mary Ann gifted me with a subscription to Cooks Magazine.
One of my favorite sections is where they give quick kitchen tips.
This time I learned that when you're working with dough, you can "wash" your hands first with flour, which dries out and removes sticky dough from your hands, instead of making it messier and stickier with water... Brilliant!
--- 7 ---
Thanks to Couch Baby #2, my dreams have become quite... extraordinary.
I've been trying to respond by praying for each person who might come across my dreams, under any circumstances... This week I prayed for a childhood friend who told me on her wedding day (in my dream) that she was... well, she couldn't tell me. (A spy.)

Happy Friday!


  1. Thanks Mary. I'm humbled. Did you know Grandma and Grandpa's first date is February 16th? Seems like a good month to me. Sorry you didn't pick up I was throwing flour on my hands. Is that desk really for you? That is soon coooool! Love you!

    1. Yes! That's my desk! :) February is indeed a great month... Despite the clouds in South Bend!