Friday, January 30, 2015

Take 135

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Thanks for all of your well wishes on our new addition!
I'm almost done with the first trimester and it's been extremely uneventful.
I'll take it!
Oh. And now that you know, I'll happily exhale...
and allow my (very! early! expanding!) belly to show.
--- 2 ---
I hate oatmeal.
This has always been the case.
Apparently, baby #2 is in love with it, because 
I've eaten it every morning and actually enjoyed it. 
Of course, I share it with George, who every time I give him a bite of it looks at me like I'm the biggest traitor of his life, starts to mouth the oatmeal, and then happily swallow.
He'll keep going in for more, and with each new bite, he looks at me like I'm crazy. 
--- 3 ---
Something I regret is that after one year of washing gDiapers, I'm sad to say that I hate the smell of Shout. It reminds me... of... well... fecal matter.
--- 4 ---
I set a timer on my iPhone this week and Siri told me,
"A watched iPhone never boils."
This, I believe, is extremely true.
--- 5 ---
Brian and I have taken to our new Apple TV
But, much to my surprise, if my 2009 MacBook Pro is anywhere in the range of fire,
if we use the apple TV remote, my iTunes starts playing on my computer...
EVEN if my computer AND iTunes are both closed.
--- 6 ---
This week's task was refrigerator and freezer. 
I'm happy to say that I put a shoe box in my freezer and put all of our meat in it.
That will help with pulling it out (easily) to meal plan for the following week, 
and having my freezer actually manageable and transparent as to what's actually in there.
I'm quite pleased.
--- 7 ---
It's my golden birthday!
So, Yes! I'm 30. Wowzah.
One year ago today:
Cheers to life and a fun evening ahead with our dear friends!
(Us the night Brian and I got engaged)

Happy Friday!
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  1. Happy Birthday! and Congratulations to the new one in the pot!