Friday, January 23, 2015

Take 134

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
This week was the birthday of Grandma Mary.

I still love this lady who is my name sake.
Always wearing red. Always the life of the party.
And very committed to taking care of those she loved.
--- 2 ---
My new study schedule requires three things that must happen either before George wakes up or during his morning nap:
shower, prayer and one hour of study.
I calculated that the best way to get this done was to shower before Gman got up in the morning. At the same time I made this decision, he started getting up 45 minutes earlier almost every day. Is this a normal experience of trying to get a schedule down in the life of a mother? :) Yes? Ok. I'll go to bed earlier.
--- 3 ---
My succulents took a major hit when we spent a week in NY.
So, I pitched the dead stuff, picked a smaller pot, replanted and ...
I think it's cute.
--- 4 ---
I definitely have some OCD tendencies. I don't know if I've mentioned this before.
But, I admitted this week to some friends (out loud) that I drive over snow in the street that isn't melted, yet... you know, to help it get more melted.
The middle of that intersection where no one typically drives?
I'll go over it for you. Don't worry.
--- 5 ---
I feel like I must've mentioned this before, but are you aware that Alison Krauss' speaking voice sounds eerily similar to Sandra Bullock's? 
Here you can hear Alison (even the laugh!) 
Here's Sandra.
Ok, I just spent too long trying to find clips that really worked... BUT.
I still think they sound the same.
--- 6 ---
The Bjorn bibs are my favorite.
George can drop anything out of his mouth (including liquid!) and then it ends up in the "catch all" bib. But the real problem? Toward the end of every meal:
--- 7 ---
We had a wonderful visit this past weekend with my Mama. You can read more about her journey with breast cancer here. She's quite an impressively strong woman.
One perk of having some of the women in my family visit was having George's godmama, Melanie, come and snap a few pictures of Georgo... who will be ONE on Monday!!

Happy Friday! :)


  1. I drive on the snow, too. But because there is usually more traction on the new snow than on the slick, driven on snow that is more like two strips of ice on the blacktop. LOL

    But your reason is good too. :D

  2. Good catch on the voices. On the bib: our George is an economist. YAY!

  3. He CAN'T be one. He just CAN't!

  4. I drive over the snow in the middle whenever possible, and for exactly the same reason. :)