Friday, January 16, 2015

Take 133

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
I got Boggle for Christmas! (Thanks, Meghan!)
But then I realized... how silly am I? I added geriatric Boggle to my Amazon Wish List. 
I mean, it IS called "BIG Boggle"... I assumed it was just... Big.
But Brian and I finally got around to playing it this week... 
And there are MORE cubes than the original!
And it's harder!
And more fun!
I bet I'll even like it when I'm geriatric!
--- 2 ---
I was out running errands (without! George!) last Saturday and I passed Panda Express...
And I thought, I could eat two egg rolls.
So I did! And then it occurred to me that the total cost of those egg rolls was actually cheaper than a grande peppermint mocha at Starbucks...
And I felt... a little more... justified? normal? Something.
--- 3 ---
Just in case you need a good listen...
I love this song.
(Thank you, Gina, for exposing me to more music in our shared office days!)
--- 4 ---
George successfully flushed the toilet this week.
You should have seen his face. The shock! The horror! The wonder!
Do it again!

My Mom's advice? Keep track of his shoes.
She lost some of her kids shoes down the flushed toilet.
--- 5 ---
This past weekend I went slightly overboard and made both 
homemade potstickers and homemade donuts.
I have to say, the potstickers were quite good.
The donuts we liked, but I'll try a different recipe next time...
But I reached my goal, which was to no longer be intimidated by deep frying dough.
There's a whole world of wonderful foods I can try now ;)
--- 6 ---
Remember back in 2013 when I was crazy and studied for a bunch of exams
Well, I've signed up for one more: Series 24.
Only this time, I'm not studying like a crazy woman.
For now, the schedule is one hour a day (during the morning nap) and the plan is to test after about 3 months (before Easter).
Here we go!
--- 7 ---
I took two things: oatmeal and strawberries...

Mixed them together...
And realized that the smell took me directly back to those individual packets of freeze dried strawberries with instant oatmeal from my childhood. Hah! Who knew that was such a powerful memory in my memory bank??

Happy Friday! :)

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